Former Wales International Nathan Blake has slammed FIFA for scrapping its anti-racism taskforce. This was set up in 2013 by football’s world governing body to deal with issues with racism in the game.

Speaking to the BBC, Blake believes the decision made my FIFA is turning a blind eye to the problem with racism in football. Blake said FIFA think the problem has gone away, but in his view the issue it still around, and will never go away.

Blake went on to say FIFA explaining their mandate had now been met was far from the truth.

“It’s almost turning a blind eye. It’s almost justifying it [racism], saying ‘we’ve done that and moved on’ because it’s never going to go away. To say we’ve got a mandate and completed that mandate is a nonsense for me,” said Blake on FIFA’s decision.

Blake will be best remembered for his time at Cardiff City, Bolton Wanderers and Wolverhampton Wanderers, but also had spells with the likes of Leeds United and Blackburn Rovers. The 44-year-old has gone on record in the past to reveal he was racially abused during his time in football.