Everton fans, while this particular article doesn’t directly affect your club, it does involve one of your players: Allan.

Let’s take you back to 2019, back when Carlo Ancelotti was Napoli manager and the Brazilian still played for the Italian side.

In November of that year, the Serie A club were in a poor run of form, losing 2-1 to AS Roma, which led their owner to order his players to stay at the training ground for a week long camp, which is something common in Italy when teams do badly.

It’s a form of punishment, even though De Laurentiis argued otherwise, but some of the first-team were having none of it, including Allan, now at Everton.

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The players disobeyed the order and went home, which didn’t go down well with Napoli, and there were threats of fines after the club opened a dispute ‘based on a special supplementary agreement with the players with more severe sanctions for image damage’.

La Repubblica, relayed by CalcioNapoli24, explain the Everton midfielder is now facing ‘not one, but two fines’, as he is mentioned twice in the civil action, for both the ‘collective reaction and the personal confrontation with Edoardo De Laurentiis’, the vice-president.

The newspaper explain he could be fined 50% of the salary he was earning then, which is a ‘total of €160k’.

So, Everton’s Allan could end up paying up for his actions, and we’ll keep you updated on this matter going forward.