While Everton signing James Rodriguez on a free transfer was a massive coup for the Blues, and one they continue to celebrate, not everyone was quite as happy with the deal.

That’s certainly been the case for the player’s former clubs; namely, Banfield and Envigado, who were set to pocket a tidy sum as part of FIFA’s solidarity payment scheme had Everton paid the reported €25m fee for the midfielder in the summer.

However, the free transfer has robbed them of that and, despite efforts with FIFA, they won’t be receiving anything as part of the deal.

That obviously didn’t go down well with either club, particularly when Rodriguez continues to shine in the Premier League and be named among the most influential footballers in the world.

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Indeed, Envigado are not happy about the situation in the slightest, with their president complaining about it to La casa Azul radio this week.

“I’m still surprised, everyone in Envigado is surprised because the statement of the Everton sporting director comes out coincidentally, when James is among the one hundred most influential players of the last ten years, he is at number fourteen,” he said, relayed by MARCA.

“Is a player of that level free? Envigado has already made the request to FIFA and Everton.

“It is true that it is free in the transfer system, but we are infinitely surprised because in addition, we knew and it is no secret that they had offers from Italian teams, who were willing to pay for his arrival.

“James is above many who today have 40 and 50 million euros for his transfer.”

Whether the two clubs do receive anything remains to be seen. Given there was no transfer fee involved and that’s been clarified by FIFA already, it seems unlikely.

It’s certainly something they’re going to pursue, with MARCA stating that they’re continuing to ask for clarification given they’ve missed on significant incomes as a result of the deal.

Everton, of course, won’t be bothered too much, they know they got themselves a great deal and no amount of complaining from Rodriguez’s former clubs is likely to change that.