Fluminense wonderkid João Pedro has become a hot topic in the Brazilian media this week.

The 17-year-old, who’s soon moving to Watford, scored an important goal for his club in a Copa do Brasil game against Cruzeiro on Wednesday night, and has been getting all the attention since then.

Speaking to Sportv, João Pedro had to answer a couple of questions about his move to Watford. The first one was about how the decision was taken, since he’s leaving to Europe at such a young age.

“After the BH Cup, my agent came to me saying that Watford had been interested in me,” João Pedro told Sportv. “I have dreamed of playing in the Premier League since I was little. So I saw it was a very good opportunity, so I decided to sign with them.

“That is the dream of all children, right, I think, playing in European football, even more in the Premier League, which is one of the best in the world.”

With the player turning 18 in September, he will only be able to move to Watford in 2020. But he still doesn’t know if he’s being transferred in the winter or is waiting for the summer.

“There is no date set yet. It could be in January or in the middle of next year, in July.”

Fluminense’s match against Cruzeiro had the presence of Richarlison, who’s been enjoying vacations in Brazil and went to watch his former club. João Pedro has revealed he’s been in contact with the player to get a few tips about adaptation to Watford.

“I talked to him a little bit, I also asked him about the issue of English, if he had managed to learn. I said I was starting and he said it’s difficult, but that I should study because when I get there, I will use it a lot.”