FC Midtjylland did very well in the winter transfer window, but Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet believes the club are exaggerating how much they actually brought in and whether Alexander Sorloth’s move to Crystal Palace was actually such a record deal.

It’s explained Sorloth moved for an initial payments of 75m Danish Krone, which is about £9m, and that Andreas Cornelius previously moved to Cardiff City for the same.

But FC Midtjylland stand to earn a lot more from the bonuses they negotiated with Crystal Palace, which is probably why they’re making such a song and dance over their negotiating skills in the transfer.

Ekstra Bladet have done some digging and found out the clauses and figures associated with them. It’s explained Crystal Palace originally offered 37.5m Danish Krone upfront, so that amount doubled, and then FC Midtjylland managed to get the bonus offer quadrupled and the conditions attached made more realistic.

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As long as Palace don’t get relegated this season or next they’ll have to pay 75% of the bonuses, regardless of what Sorloth does. There’ll be 22.5m Danish Krone if they avoid relegation this season, and the same again next year… that’s another £5.4m.

Crystal Palace will also pay a further 15m Danish Krone when Sorloth plays 50 games, but that’s split in two so FC Midtjylland will get the first payment after 25 matches.

So, to be clear, that’s a £9m flat fee plus another £7.1 through bonuses, making £16.1m.

On top of that there’s 25% going back to Denmark of any profit Crystal Palace make on a sale.