On Monday, we covered a story from Brazilian journalist Jorge Nicola which made it sound like Crystal Palace had a chance to sign Gabriel Barbosa from Inter Milan.

The striker is having a loan spell at Flamengo, who are working hard to sign him, and have reportedly reached an agreement with the Italian side.

Gabigol is on hold before giving the Brazilian side a response. He’s waiting for offers from Europe, and so far, he’s received approaches from Crystal Palace and Schalke 04.

That’s why it was thought the London side had a chance, but now in a video recorded by the same journalist, it sounds like the striker is actually waiting for something better.

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Nicola says that Crystal Palace and Schalke 04 are not clubs from the first tier. And due to Gabigol’s great season, the player believes he can get offers from bigger clubs before December.

The striker’s official stance is that he’s waiting for the Copa Libertadores final so he won’t focus on negotiations for now. But Flamengo are aware he’s just buying time so he can get new offers.

His loan deal expires at the end of 2019.