After claims emerged on Monday of a potential €35m+ Everton offer for Malcom, other reports then spun off from it.

Everton’s interest in the attacker was backed up in Brazil, with Arsenal also getting a mention. It’s not thought the Gunners are themselves at the same stage with regards to formulating an offer.

RMC said the Toffees offer would be made in the ‘coming hours’, and that’s a phrase which can seemingly mean ‘anytime in the near future’ during a transfer window, so things may not move as quickly as suggested.

Several of the articles insisted Barcelona want €41m, so they get their money back on the player.

However, AS state Barca ‘won’t look badly’ on the offer, given they need to raise money ahead of potential moves for Antoine Griezmann and/or Neymar.

There’s another way of looking at this, which hasn’t yet been pointed out. Barcelona signed Malcom on a five year contract and usually they amortise the transfer fees over the period of that initial deal.

Therefore, around €8.2m will have already been amortised, which takes it down to €32.8m on the books. Even at €35m, Barcelona could still show a profit on their asset.

Everton probably know this.