We’d got through the Alexis Sanchez saga so far without managing to mention the words Atom or Humber but, alas, we’ve failed to get to the end without doing so.

Chilean newspaper La Cuarta has an article today about Sanchez’s new life at Manchester United. They take the move as a certainty and that their national hero will soon sign for Jose Mourinho.

There’s some pride in Chile about Sanchez playing for Mourinho and also Guardiola during his career, and there the move from Arsenal to Manchester United is seen through good eyes rather than a veil of negativity.

From a Chilean perspective, Sanchez is also in the news because he’s part of a celebrity couple with Mayte Rodríguez. La Cuarta report that when she’s finished filming her current Chilean TV series, she’ll be joining her boyfriend on his Manchester United adventure.

Mayte, and Sanchez’s two dogs, Atom and Humber, will live together in Manchester, and she’s even agreed to give up smoking so as not to pose any fitness concerns to the footballer.

Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United is taken as done in Chile, and they’re just waiting for the player to be unveiled at Old Trafford so they can start getting truly excited.

Estate agents of Cheshire, on your marks, get set, go…