It looks like the Chilean media are now increasingly bothered about things not going very well for Alexis Sanchez at Manchester United.

The local press used to have few stories about the national player lately, but in the past weeks he’s become a frequent subject.

Outlet La Tercera, for example, brings three different articles about the player today. Some blaming him for his bad form, while others say it’s all José Mourinho’s fault.

Let’s start with a column written by José Miguelez. He gets straight to the point, saying: “The Chilean appears as the sole responsible for his disastrous present. Prioritised the money, chose the wrong destination, distanced himself from La Roja and forgot the ball. The fix sounds difficult.”

Sanchez had of course been close to a move to Manchester City, but edged away from Pep Guardiola’s side and ended up at Old Trafford instead.

Miguelez specifically mentions Manchester City, and that the player became diverted from that path. The article is headline ‘The Hara Kiri of Alexis’, which is strong.

Hara Kiri is self-disembowelment, something that Japanese soldiers did to avoid capture. The Chilean journalist is really pushing the point home that the player has brought this all on himself.

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La Tercera also had their online show El Deportivo aired on Wednesday, and had two different opinions on Sanchez’s bad form.

Carolina Fernandez said: “It feels that it’s a personal issue or that perhaps his game no longer fits into the operation that Mourinho wants to impose.

“Now, Mourinho is being questioned, so he is looking for an lifeguard alternative within the squad that can hold him. And when Alexis could have been, hasn’t been up to it, especially the last months.”

But Toño Acosta disagrees: “I want to make Mourinho responsible for the performances that Alexis is having. I was watching the game at the weekend. Mourinho has used Alexis for the open left side. And we all know that where Alexis performs best is free. As he did at Arsenal or at the Chilean national team. And he just takes him out in the second half when Alexis starts somehow spreading Manchester’s game by having that freedom.”

“He started to retreat more. He started to get together more with Pogba. For Mourinho, Alexis’ way of playing is what he doesn’t like. Mourinho is a very self centered manager. He’s always bragging about him and his capacity. He likes to have the leading role in the way he plays and I think he will not give in to that position of Alexis who wants greater freedom.”