Alvaro Morata returning to Real Madrid is a rumour that was always going to appear regardless of what happened for the Spaniard at Chelsea.

Had Morata done amazingly well then there’d have been quick calls in Madrid for his return, at whatever price, and had the striker done very poorly, there’d be rumours surfacing about a rescue swoop and Morata again being a Madrid back-up.

The current rumours are closer to the second end of the spectrum, and after things started in England, Don Balon have felt duty-bound to continue the imagination trail.

It’s claimed Florentino Perez believes Morata could be the perfect answer for Real Madrid this summer, as they look to solve some problems upfront. More so, Perez sees an opportunity for a good deal with Chelsea, believing he can pay the London club €12m less than Madrid received last summer.

The figure for this summer is put at €68m, and Don Balon say it would be a transfer ‘bomb’.

Putting the Spanish imagirumour website to one side, as well as the English assumptions, this would all completely depend on Morata’s mindset.

The striker has shown before he’ll push for what he wants, forcing his way out of Real Madrid to Chelsea, and it’s his desire again which will guide the future.