In a new press conference, Chelsea defender Thiago Silva has once again spoken to the Brazilian media. He’s currently celebrating his 100th cap for the national team, a milestone he’s reached at 37-years-of-age.

That age, however, also means that his retirement is getting near, and as a player who’s very close to manager Tite, he was quizzed about his plans to have a career as a coach once he stops playing.

Thiago Silva confirmed that he’s been working on it, not only because of the good relationship he has with the Brazilian boss, but also due to his what he’s learning from Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel.

“It’s still far away. But at the same time it’s close. The coolest thing is that I’m close to very capable people,” said Thiago Silva (via Globo Esporte).

“This gives you knowledge of the situation, of what you want. Not only here, but also at Chelsea with Tuchel. I hope that for my coaching career this can add a lot to me. I learned and continue to learn important things for football and for life.”

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“This is important because sometimes you don’t have to be a great coach, but a great manager. I have good examples, like Tite and Tuchel. It makes me more confident about what I want for my career and my life. I’m studying.”

Thiago Silva captained Brazil in the 3-1 win over Venezuela last week, and rested during the 0-0 draw against Colombia on Sunday, having only played the final minutes. Now he’s set to start again in the game versus Uruguay on Thursday night. With Chelsea playing Brentford on Saturday, it remains to be seen if he’ll be in England in time for that game.