It looks like Jorginho’s relationship with Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri couldn’t be better.

Having both moved from Napoli to the Stamford Bridge this summer, the duo found immediate success in London, and their friendship has an important part in it.

Jorginho has spoken to ESPN Brasil this week, and had a lot to say about the Italian boss.

He was first asked by reporter João Castelo Branco about his choice to join Chelsea, since there were many other clubs, including Manchester City, wanting to sign him as well.

“There are many things behind a negotiation, right? And I think the manager has also influenced a lot. And the name Chelsea, the club Chelsea is very big. So I believe all these factors weighed heavily on the decision,” Jorginho told ESPN Brasil.

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Asked if Sarri called him to make the transfer, Jorginho said no: “Honestly, he did not call me personally, because he is not much of a caller. But of course, through the intermediaries we knew of his will and the work that would be done here.

“Yes, it’s a very good relationship,” the midfielder told João Castelo Branco. “So much so he’s always joking there, making fun, he likes the Brazilian chat. So I have a very good relationship with him, but he particularly doesn’t call players.”

Jorginho gave an example of the jokes Sarri plays: “An example, yesterday after the game, there was training. There was training after the game for those who didn’t play. Then the coaches arrived and said: ‘no, training canceled, there won’t be training’.

“I hadn’t played, so I went straight to the dressing room, I was the first one to take a shower. Then he got there and said: ‘what are you doing here?’ Then I said: ‘the guys said there’s no training’. He said: ‘and who is in charge here? Me. Go and train!’ I said: ‘Oh, it’s a joke, right?’ That’s the kind of joke he’s playing.”

On the balance between being a demanding manager and a relaxed boss, Jorginho has claimed that it’s a pretty important skill Sarri has mastered.

“Of course. So much so that out of the pitch he’s very quiet, very calm in relation to everything. I think he knows how to measure well all the work he does. Of course he likes working on the pitch and he wants a lot, because he works hard, but I believe the results come because of all this work.”