Marvin Compper has been speaking to Bild and his words to the German newspaper have already been described as a ‘rant’ against manager Brendan Rodgers.

The 33 year old, who is out of the picture at Celtic Park, has explained that he feels he should be playing and has even claimed his teammates feel the same way.

But he can’t say he wasn’t warned. Towards the end of Bild’s interview, the central defender was asked about his future, and made it clear the Scottish Premiership club had hinted at a move in the summer window.

“I still have a contract until 2020,” Compper said. “Of course, I don’t want to sit on the bench. Already in August Celtic suggested a change of club. But I don’t want to get away from the pitch so easily. I hope for my chance and want to play.”

When a club suggests to a player that it’s time to go, it probably really is time to go. Interestingly, there’s no mention of interest from elsewhere, and that could be the real reason there wasn’t a transfer.

Compper turned 33 years of age in June and may have found it difficult to locate a club who would give him a two year contract, the same as what he had left at Celtic having moved from RB Leipzig in the previous winter window.

Calf problems forcing a lay off just after arriving, and a knee injury in the summer, won’t have encouraged clubs to hand out a two year deal to a veteran.