Every day, we get a little bit more information and clarity surrounding the future of Dusan Vlahovic and the chances of him ending up at Arsenal.

The answer, in short, is that they’re slim, because the player has been reported many times to want to finish the season at Fiorentina, and a move to the Gunners, at least right now, doesn’t entice him all that much.

This doesn’t mean Arsenal and Mikel Arteta are going to give up on him, however, and La Republicca bring their slant on the situation on Friday afternoon.

They start off by saying the player seems to have a preference for a move to Manchester City, but he is ‘in no hurry to decide his future’.

That’s despite the fact Arsenal, who ‘have been talking to Rocco Commisso for about a month’, are ‘waiting for an answer halfway through next week’ regarding their chances of signing him in the January transfer window.

While the striker’s ‘dream’ is ‘to go to the Premier League’, it’s made clear Arsenal isn’t his preferred destination there, with the Etihad turning his head more.

That’s a bit of a blow to the Gunners, but it’s also an understandable stance since Manchester City do need a striker, were interested in Vlahovic last summer and are constantly competing for trophies, which the latter cannot be said, at least for now, when it comes to the London based club.