Long overdue, Laurent Koscielny became Arsenal captain in Per Mertesacker’s injury absence.

The French defender has been a loyal servant for the Premier League club, and has gradually become one of the key components of the French manager’s squad, as well as for his national team where he is an indisputable regular.

Speaking to L’Equipe magazine in France, the centre-back spoke at length about the long road he took before reaching Arsenal, and finally establishing himself at his current club.

Asked what kind of captain he is, the 31-year-old said: “I don’t shout, that’s for sure. I don’t like long speeches, I’m not a great speaker. For me, that’s not what a captain does. A captain is someone who needs to lead by example on the pitch. That’s what I try and do.”


Now in the latter stages of his career as a footballer, the conversation at the end the interview turned towards the future, and retirement.

Asked if he would ever move to Paris, the player was categorical.

He said: “Ah no, I will never go live in Paris! Nor would I go play there! I will end my career in England or in my former club, Lorient. I don’t see myself in Paris, regardless of the PSG-OM rivalry, even if I supported Marseille.

“I just prefer London to Paris. My family is happy here. People are calmer than in Paris, there’s respect.”

With over 250 appearances under his belt at Arsenal and a contract with the club for at least two more years, there’s very little chance the player will be leaving the English capital anytime soon.

As long as Wenger is at the club, at least…