On Tuesday, we’ve covered claims from Argentina about Leicester City’s approach to sign Nahitan Nandez from Boca Juniors.

Although the player seemed close to joining Cagliari, it’s been reported that the Foxes would take advantage of an impasse between the Italian and the Argentine sides and try to snatch a deal.

Now as Boca Juniors seem to be losing patience with the Serie A club, the subject is commented by several Argentine outlets today, with some interesting updates on what Leicester City’s interest really was.

As Cagliari fail to match the price demanded by Boca, the Buenos Aires media is claiming that president Daniel Angelici won’t wait any longer and will bring back the club’s representatives who are in Italy.

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Most of these reports are saying there’s still a chance that Leicester could find a deal, but El Dia has the eyebrow-raising information.

They claim that Leicester City’s approach ‘sounds’ like just a ‘mechanism’ from Boca Juniors to put pressure on the Italian side.

That would make a lot of sense, since the Foxes had never been linked to Nandez before and had their name simply emerging when the player was allegedly close to making a move.

So now we wait and see if El Dia are right, and they usually are.