Ever since James Rodriguez moved to Everton in the summer, the Colombian press have been obsessed with his every move, or lack of it.

At the beginning of the season, this was all largely positive, but with injuries taking their toll, the tone has largely become a negative one.

There have been almost daily comments on Rodriguez’s fitness, with some even calling out Carlo Ancelotti and claiming he’s lying about the situation regarding the midfielder.

MARCA Colombia continue that today and detail how Rodriguez was a notable absentee from Everton training yesterday, with the session having been streamed live on Youtube.

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They label his absence a ‘strange unanswered case’ and that the ‘most worrying thing’ is that so far: no one knows what’s going on.

Ancelotti is brought into the mix, with it stated that he is ‘playing the role of protective father’ to prevent Rodriguez from ‘being hit with everything’.

It’s claimed the pair have ‘played the mystery’, and that has actually been ‘detrimental’ to Everton and Rodriguez even more, despite Ancelotti ‘protecting him like a son’.

Whether the Colombian will feature against Burnley this weekend remains to be seen, with Thursday and Friday seen as the ‘key’ to see if the ‘mystery’ around the player’s absence in the last three games comes to an end.

If it doesn’t, it’s likely the media in his home country will get even a little more hysterical, with them very much refusing to buy anything Everton or Ancelotti have to say on the matter.