Mateusz Bogusz is starting his Leeds United career quickly.

Sport in Poland reports the 17 year old is already training with the club’s first team, having impressed with the youth team since arriving in January from Chorzów.

Łukasz Maciongowski, who works for the agency which represents the young footballer, has been speaking to Sport and made it very clear just how well things are going.

Leeds United expected the player to show his talent, that’s why they signed him, but the Championship club have been surprised at how quickly everything is coming together.

Maciongowski explained: “Leeds are very pleased with Mateusz. The club’s representatives were surprised that in such a short time he was able to adapt to the pace of the game that prevails in England.

“With every week you can see progress, Mateusz is getting to know the club’s expectations more and more about his role on the pitch.”

Interestingly, the agent made it clear that Bogusz had to earn the respect of his teammates in the Leeds youth set-up before they would pass to him: “The first two weeks served primarily to understand other players on the pitch. Mateusz often showed up for the game, but he did not receive balls from his teammates. They chose different solutions, but with each subsequent match it was clear that the boys are starting to give Mateusz more and more trust, let him lead the game.”

Marcelo Bielsa was personally impressed by the youngster and invited him to train with the first team. And it’s no surprise that he already knew a lot about the player, after watching videos.

“We were not surprised, because Leeds knew Mateusz very well. He was observed for a long time by the Leeds scouts. The first team manager also had access to a video of Matthew’s performances and said he would be very pleased if he could get him from Chorzów. Leeds knew what level Mateusz presented, and we also knew that they valued his skills, so the invitation to the first team training was only a matter of time.

“This was his first goal before leaving – get a chance to present his skills in the training of the first team. Another is to be there permanently. Mati is a very conscious player and knows how much work is before him. Bielsa, the manager, during training talks a lot to young players, he tries to communicate and teach them a lot.”

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Whilst things are certainly going very well on the pitch, the agency, part of the Stellar Group, is making sure the Leeds youngster is looked after outside of football as well: “Of course he misses his family and girlfriend, but during this time his relatives have already visited him several times. In addition, Mateusz lives with other players, so after training, he has time to integrate. Kamil Miazek, the goalkeeper of the U23 team, is on the spot, thanks to which Mateusz certainly feels better and does not have to feel alone.

“As for the difficulties in everyday life, our office in England helped Mateusz with issues such as the commencement of a driving license course, assistance in completing formalities at the bank and getting a mobile phone.”