Spain’s Cuatro haven’t exactly got a reputation of being media angels. If there’s a story to be had then Cuatro will go after it, with force.

Cuatro have a past of prank calls, and trying to get stories from footballers at weddings, and by literally camping outside their houses.

On Sunday they published a video of a conversation between Sergio Ramos and Diego Costa. They’ve lip-read and it looks like Ramos and Costa are speaking about the player’s possible transfer to Atletico Madrid.

Ramos assumes that Chelsea haven’t allowed Costa to make the move to Atletico, given that the Spanish club have now signed Kevin Gameiro from Sevilla. Ramos therefore looks shocked, appearing to show sympathy with his Spain teammate.

Gameiro’s transfer would appear to signal the end of Atletico’s quest to take Costa back to the club, a rumour which has been pushed for over a year.