On Wednesday evening, The Daily Mail claimed Napoli are close to submitting an offer for Wilfried Zaha.

The English newspaper reported: ‘Napoli are set to launch a £60 million bid for Crystal Palace star Wilfried Zaha as they step up their pursuit of a big-money winger.’

Those claims quickly made their way to Italy and at first were simply being covered without opinion added.

Napoli have a lot of dedicated local media so it wasn’t going to be long before they came up with their own slant on the potential Crystal Palace transfer, and it’s a negative one.

CalcioNapoli24 have spoken to Ciro Venerato, presented as being an expert on these things, and he’s rubbished it all.

There’s been ‘straight denials’ from the club, and it’s explained that whilst Zaha has been scouted by the Serie A side and followed by manager Carlo Ancelotti, Napoli decided not to make a move for the player.

That’s because they feel it would cost too much to take him from Crystal Palace, and the value of the deal doesn’t convince those in charge at Napoli.