Have you ever experienced déjà vu?

That’s exactly what we get when we open a Portuguese newspaper and read that William Carvalho is heading to the Premier League, normally with vague links to West Brom.

But he’s really going to England this time, Correio da Manhã says. It’s just the club who’s buying him that is still unknown.

Déjà vu again.

The newspaper claims there’s a club whose offer pleased Carvalho, although some work will still be needed to find an agreement with Sporting, who continue demanding €30m for the midfielder.

The player is ‘convinced’ a deal between the sides will be found this time and he’ll finally be allowed to make a Premier League move.

They say the English clubs who have been recently linked are Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham and West Brom.

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Record also has a story on Carvalho today, mentioning Everton and West Brom, saying that only an ‘indecent’ offer will take him from Sporting.

As we just said, we’ve covered far too many articles about Carvalho’s exit to believe he’s really going this time. But here it is, another story confident of his departure, even though the club still isn’t revealed.

West Brom have been a common name being linked to Sporting players, with Adrien Silva also said to be a target for the club. Previous offers from the Baggies for Carvalho have already been reported, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s them trying to get the player again.