Watford are pretty famous in Paraguay today.

No, it’s not an outpouring of agreement at Roberto Pereyra having his ban reduced from 3 to 1 matches, but something rather more serious.

The English club are making all the headlines due to a problem with Olimpia over a transfer that happened two years ago.

The Paraguayan club were caught by surprise after getting a message from FIFA saying they could be sanctioned for not settling the debts for the transfer of Javi Acuña back in 2014.

But Olimpia say they’ve done it, and released an official statement to tell their fans that the transfer is being paid for. According to the text, a document was signed in March and the agreement is being fulfilled.

FIFA wanted the Paraguayan club to lose six points in the league table, and Olimpia’s response is that it should be a mistake from the institution.

Club lawyer Dr. José Montero has spoken to ABC Cardinal on Wednesday and gave a few details about Olimpia’s action to defend themselves in the case: “The points issue is between the clubs Olimpia and Watford, not with Javier Acuña.

“Olimpia reached a deal to pay Watford in march 2016 and we’ve been fulfilling it and we’re up to date, but for some administrative mistake, FIFA weren’t informed and this notification of points loss arrived from APF. Given this, Trovato spoke to the Watford president yesterday and asked him to make it clear that we’re paying for the agreement.

“It’s not the first time it happens; we acted and we’re waiting for Watford to communicate officially, as the creditor, that we’re up to date. It’s then told to FIFA and from them to the APF.

“We’re waiting for the statement from the creditor to make it all clear.”

Olimpia’s official statement can be read below: