Portuguese newspaper Record today features an interview with Watford goalkeeper Heurelho Gomes.

After considering retiring this summer, the 38-year-old ended up signing a new deal with the Hornets, and should be playing for at least one more season now.

Gomes has talked a little about his decision, explaining that the club supported him staying.

“I talked to the club before going on vacation and had already been told that they wanted me to stay another season, that they were counting on me,” Gomes told Record.

“And when we are told that we are needed, we are satisfied. My intention was to stop this year, but the truth is that I’m physically fine. The club also noticed this and said they wanted me to continue for another season.”

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As usual, the Portuguese media want to know a lot about Portuguese football. So the fact that Gomes has been managed both by Marco Silva and André Villas Boas took up a good part of the interview.

Especially regarding Everton manager Silva, Gomes talked about his time at Watford, and had a lot of praise for his former boss. Asked about what stood out in his work, the goalkeeper said: “I think it’s the detail work. He goes far in detail.”

“He works during the week to assemble the teams according to the opponent he is going to face, so that he can surprise. Training the set pieces a lot, tries to fit the best system for each game. He is a detail coach and is not afraid to play. I’m sure he will achieve something great.”

He also talked a little about the manager’s departure from the club, which was a decision some players didn’t really like at the time.

“We don’t like to get so involved, but everyone has their reasons. And both Marco and the club had their motives. I don’t know which ones. But the truth is that those who have always admired Marco, continued to admire him. He’s a good person, he’s a great coach and we knew he could make a difference. We looked outside and saw that we had a coach who understood football. Aside from that he was someone we could trust as a person. What happened didn’t break what he created with the players.

“He was someone who always wanted the group to get involved in dinners and other things. When they say that the dressing room wins championships, it’s true. And Marco could see that. He always tried to promote something, talk, understand the players, communicate. While he was with us he managed to create a good environment and this was extremely important.”