Tottenham Hotspur winger Lucas Moura has spoken to the Brazilian media after the 2-1 defeat against Inter Milan for the Champions League last night.

The 26-year-old started the game on the bench, and was only brought on after 64 minutes. The score was 1-0 when he got in, but the Spurs ended up conceding two goals after that.

“A very fast game against a very strong team, very well organised”, Lucas Moura told Esporte Interativo. “We did the hardest thing, which is to get ahead on the scoreboard. Then, two hesitations there, we end up conceding the comeback, something that we can’t let happen.”

“And we keep working, keep fighting, have a lot to sort, a lot to improve. I think it’s just the beginning of the season and I really believe in my team and we will grow during the competition and throughout the season.”

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Regarding being dropped to the bench, Moura has claimed that he’s ready to accept Mauricio Pochettino’s orders, even though he wished to start this important game.

“We have to be prepared for everything, right? Of course every player wants to play, especially in a game like that. But I have to know how to respect the manager’s decision and be prepared to be able to come in, to be able to help. And it’s part of football.”

The Brazilian also talked about the Spurs’ work to recover during the group stage, even if they’re in what he considers to be the death group.

“I think we have a very difficult group here, a group of death, in my opinion. But I don’t think it’s the end of the world. We lost here, but we have everything to recover so we can qualify.

“There are many games still. We are very strong, I trust my team very much. As I said, work, adjust some things that we have been missing in the last games, and always believe.”