We don’t use the word often, but it appears that TuttoMercatoWeb are close to being obsessed with the idea of Luciano Spalletti replacing Mauricio Pochettino at Tottenham.

Earlier on Thursday, the Italian website reported a story claiming the Roma manager could end up at Spurs in case of the Argentinean leaving White Hart Lane, while the Tottenham manager could basically end up with his job at Roma.

This was just a few hours after they ‘revealed’ the €13.5m contract Daniel Levy was prepared to offer Spalletti if Pochettino left.

This was one of their exclusives, and Thursday afternoon sees the same website come up with another version of the same story, but this time throwing Paris Saint-Germain’s Unai Emery into the mix.

The reason for this is that Monchi, who is reportedly close to signing for Roma, has told the Serie A club his top request would be for the Spanish manager to join him in Italy’s capital.

This, of course, would mean Spalletti leaving, with Spurs still his suggested destination, because of Franco Baldini’s strong links to both sides.

What about Pochettino in all of this? Well, to suit TuttoMercatoWeb’s narrative, he would have to leave White Hart Lane, and, to complete the triangle, move to Paris Saint-Germain.

The Spurs manager has been linked with the Ligue 1 champions in the past, and with Unai Emery underperforming (and obviously going to Roma for TMW’s story to work), replacing the Spanish coach would make sense.

That, and he used to play for them, so he knows the French club.

It’s a lot to take in, and, to be honest, not worth thinking about too much.

As we keep on repeating, Pochettino leaving Spurs in the summer makes very little sense unless one of the top European clubs come knocking.

And even then, that remains doubtful.