Southampton pair Dusan Tadic and Shane Long see their countries face each other tonight in a crucial World Cup Qualifier. The Republic of Ireland are travelling to Serbia for the match, and it’s very important for both teams to try and snatch a result and get their campaign for Russia 2018 off to a good start.

Tadic has been speaking to the media ahead of the match against Ireland, and explained he’s managed to get secrets out of Long, without his Southampton teammate realising what he was up to.

Quoted by Kurir, Tadic said: “I talked to a teammate from Southampton, Shane Long, and I even pulled out some information about their team and he didn’t know it (laughs). The greatest danger that threatens us is him.”

The Serbian nation have fallen a little out of love with their talented football squad after failure to qualify for Euro 2016. Players were thought to have a bad attitude and the media unearthed several stories which suggested some members of the squad weren’t as professional as they should be whilst on international duty.

Serbia have a chance to turn things around tonight in Belgrade, and Tadic will be hoping his spying mission has helped.