Leicester City are analysing the possibility of making an offer for Sporting youngster Gonzalo Plata, according to reports.

The news comes from journalist Christian Martin, who spoke to VITOtvo on Thursday. He claims he’s talked to manager Brendan Rodgers to confirm his interest in the Ecuadorian winger.

The coach allegedly said the Foxes would like to make the signing, However, there’s no offer so far, as they’re ‘studying’ the chances of making one.

Rodgers, who’s called ‘a good friend’ by Martin, reportedly knows that the player is still ‘green’, as he’s been standing out for the national team, but isn’t getting a lot of playing time at Sporting this season.

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The report claims that Newcastle United are also interested, while West Ham’s chase is something more ‘informal’ for now.

Gonzalo Plata’s tag price is said to be €20m, which Martins says wouldn’t be a lot ‘for such a young player of so much potential’.

The interest from the Ecuadorian media in this transfer is that Sporting only have 50% of the winger’s rights, and his former club Independiente Del Valle would get the other half.

Interest from Premier League clubs in Plata had already been reported by the Portuguese media, but this update, with the mention of a chat with Brendan Rodgers, definitely takes the rumour to a new level.