On Wednesday, Aurelio de Laurentiis confirmed what had mostly been a rumour up until then: Jorginho was on his way to Chelsea instead of Manchester City.

Discussing the matter at a press conference, the Napoli owner said the Italy international preferred London to Manchester, and would be heading to Stamford Bridge, most likely alongside his former manager Maurizio Sarri.

While many took that as gospel, Gazzetta dello Sport did not, and explain as much in their Thursday edition.

The Italian newspaper do not believe that, having given his agreement to sign for Manchester City and play under Pep Guardiola two months ago, Jorginho would change his mind on something as whimsical as London over Manchester.

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They think the real reason why this has all happened has to do with Sarri, and the fact the midfielder is being used as a ‘tool’ to find an agreement over the manager’s fee.

In fact, Gazzetta state Jorginho was ‘floored’ by this turn of events, with his own entourage convinced just 48 hours ago the midfielder would be heading to Manchester City.

If this is true, Jorginho could be key in everything either going through or collapsing.

Refusing to sign for Chelsea, as is his right, would really be a kick in the teeth for the Blues, and could make getting Sarri far more difficult.