Tottenham Hotspur haven’t spent any money for two transfer windows and that’s leading some to believe that there’s a big chest of cash just waiting for Mauricio Pochettino to start his summer spending.

Spurs fans will certainly hope so, wishing to kick off next season with an improved squad in the club’s impressive new stadium.

In Italy on Wednesday there’s several articles covering Tottenham interest in Matias Vecino. The claims nearly all say the rumour has been started by various sources in the English media, but we can’t see this group of reporting which is being claimed… it’s certainly being pushed more in Italy.

Vecino is a 27 year old midfielder who plays for Inter Milan, and according to InterLive, the club wouldn’t be completely against a sale.

It’s explained that Tottenham have the money to make a move for the Uruguayan, given their lack of spending, and that a price has been ‘fixed’ for the player to go.

Inter would be happy to start negotiations at €30m, according to the claims, and it’s explained there’s thought to be interest from others, inside Italy and further afield.