Saturday’s edition of Marca and Sunday’s edition of Sport both agree: Hector Bellerin is travelling to London to speak to Arsene Wenger about an Arsenal exit.

Bellerin is set to do his best to convince Wenger to help him move to Barcelona, presumably getting his most convincing puppy-dog eyes ready for the Arsenal manager.

Sport say Bellerin won’t put pressure on Wenger, but will states his side of the case ‘firmly’, and this supposed meeting is being hyped up in the Spanish media.

The Spanish right back is going to explain his reasoning to Wenger, and put his case to the Arsenal manager, hopeful for a positive response.

There’s every chance Bellerin will march into Wenger’s office all ready for his big speech, sit down, fiddle with his hair, and then ask the manager how France was over the holidays and if he watched any good football matches.

Whatever happens, for a sale to even have the remotest possibility, Barcelona need to be prepared to pay a very big fee, and that doesn’t seem to be the case right now.

Should Bellerin’s attempt to talk to Wenger actually happen then the likeliest outcome is probably the French manager asking his player to stay another season, and see if he feels the same a year from now.