Nolito arrived at Manchester City with great fanfare and then quite quickly disappeared.

Popping up every now and again to complain about the weather or explain just how amazingly difficult it is to live in England, and how unfortunate his general situation was, Nolito became ever so slightly annoying.

Moving to Sevilla in the last summer transfer window, the player has been in and out of the team and has failed to recapture his Celta Vigo form, it must be too hot in Andalusia.

Ahead of facing Manchester United in the Champions League, the former Manchester City player has been speaking to Mundo Deportivo, with the Catalan newspaper explaining Nolito ‘lost his smile’ in England.

Asked whether he’d make the same decision to sign for Manchester City if he could travel back in time, Nolito said: “Yes, why not? Decisions must be made, and even if you make mistakes do not regret it.”

On why he couldn’t adapt, Nolito said: “I played from December to May. Until winter I had regularity but suddenly I stopped getting it.”

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Mundo Deportivo wanted to know what Nolito asked Pep Guardiola about being in the team less, and the answer is absolutely nothing: “I do not usually talk to coaches about their decisions. If he decided not to pick me, it would be because those who occupied my position would be or were better.”

The Catalan newspaper point out Nolito joined Manchester City specifically for Guardiola, and ask the Sevilla player if he was left disappointed: “I had an agreement with Barcelona practically closed but the call of Guardiola convinced me. And then things did not go as expected.”

Just as Barcelona were only ever interested in Nolito as a back-up, it seemed clear to most that Manchester City thought the same way. The Spanish striker obviously saw it differently, hence his return to La Liga.

The 31 year old has only scored 3 goals this season but if he can get himself fit (he’s currently struggling with a groin injury) then he’ll likely find the back of the net against Manchester United… that’s just how football works.