Despite Chelsea’s failure to beat Barcelona in the Champions League’s round of 16 last night, there’s a pretty good reason why Blues midfielder William could leave the Stamford Bridge satisfied with his performance.

After hitting the post twice, the Brazilian managed to net a beautiful goal to open the scoring, crowning the great night he had individually.

The game received big attention in Brazil, as it was broadcasted on free-to-air tv, with commentators quite surprised with Willian’s performance for Chelsea.

Right after the match, reporters from Esporte Interativo, Globo and Bandeirantes were all waiting for the player to speak, and he spent five minutes having a chat with all of them.

After talking a lot about the game, Willian was asked by Tino Marcos from Globo if there’s any explanation why he has spent most of the season on the bench.

“There is no explanation. I think it’s the manager’s choice. Sometimes we don’t understand some things, but I’ve always tried to be always working. Every time I came in, I always tried to do my best. Whether it’s five minutes, ten minutes, or starting the game, I’ve always tried to play my best football. And the option is always from the manager, we always have to respect.

“Of course we are not happy to be on the bench, we always want to play. But thank God I’ve been evolving more and more, and reaching higher levels, that’s what I want. The answer we have to give on the pitch, right? Today, thank God, it was another day when God blessed me. Of course the victory did not come, but personally, for me, it was an important game.”

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Then Marcelo Bechler, from Esporte Interativo, commented that, different from other players, Willian doesn’t complain about his situation or tell friends to leak stories (whoever could the Brazilian media be referring to) about his dissatisfaction. Then he asked the player if he could be rewarded for his good attitude in the future.

“No doubt, I think every person has a purpose here on Earth. And my purpose here at Chelsea is to be at Chelsea, no matter if on the bench or starting, I don’t know. Sometimes being on the bench is just a moment that will pass. It’s important is to continue training, battling. To not be discouraged, to keep your head up, that some time the situation reverses. Thank God, in recent times, the situation has been reversing, I have been playing more games as a starter, I have been scoring goals, I have been helping Chelsea’s team with victories. I’m very happy with what I’ve been doing here.”

Willian sounds like just the type of player Antonio Conte will need for the rest of the season.