It seems that things have happened quite quickly in Manchester City’s chase for a9 year old Ecuadorian midfielder Jordan Sierra.

On Friday it was reported officials from the English club had travelled to South America so they could watch the player over the weekend.

Sierra stayed on the bench during Saturday’s league match against Independiente Del Valle, but it doesn’t mean the trip was in vain.

According to reports from Ecuador over the past few days, the clubs have opened negotiations for the transfer of the midfielder.

On Friday, Delfin director Mauro Rezabala told El Diario: “We won’t accept an economic offer that doesn’t match our expectations. We won’t give him as a gift.”

Speaking to La Marea (via El Diario), the player claimed he became aware of Manchester City’s interest by Whatsapp, and seemed flattered by it: “It would be a dream to meet Guardiola.”

The article carrying the quotes claimed the player’s future would be decided on the same day, but that’s not what happened.

Then on Sunday, La Marea came up saying the talks were still ongoing. Manchester City officials are said to be negotiating with Sierra’s agent Johan Flori in Quito, as the player has traveled to the Ecuadorian capital as well, so he can be closer to the process.