Don Balon won’t let Antoine Griezmann to Barcelona rest as a deal.

Having claimed repeated times that Griezmann to Barca is all agreed and happening, even saying the Frenchman’s wages are set annoy his new teammates, Don Balon keep remembering their true goal in life is dragging every bit of juice out of a rumour.

So, exactly a week ago, they stated Jose Mourinho had asked Manchester United’s leadership, Ed Woodward, to get into a fight with Barcelona for the Atletico Madrid star.

With Griezmann’s release clause dropping back down to €100m this summer, it’s solely a battle on wages and persuasion, with United being very good at the former.

And now, they’re back. Manchester United are happy to make the player a ‘crazy’ offer to snub Barcelona and join them instead.

And there’s one thing Mourinho’s club have offered which Barcelona can’t, and that’s the promise to be the ‘undisputed star of the team’.

Yep, Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez are old news, it would be Griezmann going forward.

What’s the betting Don Balon publish another take on this over the next week? We’d say odds-on.