As we explained on Friday, the latest links between Luan and Liverpool didn’t make much sense.

The rumour started with a French report saying Fenerbahce were interested in the player, and the English media covered it adding the Reds to the story, probably recalling the claims from a few months ago.

This news got to Brazil, where a club like Liverpool will always get attention, but there wasn’t any local information regarding Jurgen Klopp’s interest.

Still, Zero Hora asked the Grêmio president Romildo Bolzan Junior if Fenerbahce or the Liverpool have made contacts for the player.

“From these I didn’t even had an enquiry,” Bolzan said.

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The only negotiations confirmed are being held with Sampdoria.

According to the same outlet, the Italian side made two bids: one of €12m and another of €18m, with the latter still being analysed. Grêmio want to sell the player for around €24m, with the request for him to leave only in December so he can finish the season at the club.

Liverpool, right now, aren’t in this one.