The Portuguese press aren’t alone in this, but when they get a transfer idea between the teeth they won’t let it go, and Adrien Silva to Tottenham certainly falls into that category.

Earlier this summer Adrien to Tottenham was launched in Portugal, after an opinion piece on an English website suggested it could be a good idea.

The rumour then rolled down the Portuguese sport media hill, picking up things along the way and not letting them go.

One of those is a €20m offer. Tottenham offering such an amount is now treated as fact, and in their Sunday edition, Record state it as one of the reasons there’s ‘uncertainty’ around Adrien.

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The real reason for Adrien uncertainty could be the Portuguese press banging on about it every single day, but that’s not suggested.

The Premier League is Adrien’s likely destination, believe Record, but there’s nothing other than the €20m Tottenham offer to cling to… whether it happened or not.