Back at the start of the week, Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson gave an interview to TNT Sports where he complained about some of the friendlies that the Brazilian national team has been playing.

With European sides now busy with the Nations League, South American teams now only play among them, and that’s bad for their preparations for the World Cup.

Now as Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson spoke to the same outlet following the Champions League match against Porto last night, he was asked about the same issue.

The Anfield star ended up claiming that this is not only an international problem, as he’s also unhappy with the Premier League calendar, claiming the Reds will have too many games in December.

“In football there’s a demand today and players are asking for it, a better organisation of the calendar. Every calendar. Not just from here in England,” Alisson told TNT Sports.

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“We’re going to play one game on the 26th and on the 28th we’re going to play another game. That is inadmissible. And we have to play. So it’s not just in Brazil that the calendar is bad. But here in England there are also things that aren’t the best scenario.”

“And that’s up to a lot of organisations and you TV guys know how things work. There is also part of the TV. So if everyone worked together, I believe football would be better.”

Liverpool indeed have Premier League matches against Leeds United on the 26th and versus Leicester City on the 28th of December.

The Reds then travel to London to face Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge on the 2nd of January.