It seems Leicester City have really given up on signing André Almeida from Portuguese side Benfica in this transfer window.

Despite several reports about the Foxes’ interest in the right-back, no bids have been made so far, and this Wednesday, the local press brings a pretty good reason for it

According to newspaper Record, Almeida is considered to be ‘too expensive’ for Leicester, who will not spend over €5m for a player for the position, even though they will continue to look for other options in this window.

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Benfica’s demands were made long ago, during the first contacts, when club president Luis Filipe Vieira made it clear that Almeida wouldn’t go anywhere unless the interested club paid at least €15m.

An interesting point is that even though Benfica are known to be tough negotiators and the current transfer market makes €15m sound cheap, Record claims that the club president only made this ‘heavy’ demand because they don’t want to lose their first-option right-back in the middle of the season.

So maybe Almeida can be quite easy to get in the summer, but not for Leicester’s €5m.