Manchester United midfielder Fred has been in great form at this start of season, with the Red Devils not losing a single game when he was part of the starting line-up.

The Brazilian found a place in midfield and has been getting along pretty well with Bruno Fernandes in the team’s creative sector.

Fred was interviewed by ESPN Brasil this week, and talked a little about his partnership with the Portuguese star so far.

“He’s a player who arrived and called the responsibility. He’s a great player, everyone saw it,” Fred told ESPN Brasil.

“And off the field he’s a sensational person, a leader in our team. He also speaks the same language, so we’re always together, now Alex has also come to help.

“He is a guy that I root for a lot, I hope he’s a great player both here at United and in the Portuguese national team.”

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The Brazilian also praised the work done by Scott McTominay, who’s played behind the duo in several matches: “He’s a young player who seems to have a gigantic experience, he is a guy who is always working hard.”

On Alex Telles, his new compatriot at the club, Fred said: “Off the field it will help us a lot, another Brazilian here in Manchester, we have a legion here, that’s cool, regardless of whether we are from different teams, rivalry is only on the field, off the field we always try to be together.”

Something that’s been getting big coverage in South America is Marcus Rashford’s campaign against child food poverty. ESPN Brasil asked Fred about that, and he could only praise his teammate.

“He’s been doing a great job on the pitch, and even bigger off the pitch. I particularly follow it a lot, it’s sensational work that he has been doing. Many of us players come from below, some end up starving, others don’t. He’s committed to helping children, it’s very important, I’m very happy with that. I take my hat off to him, so young, but with such a mature head.”

Following Fred’s good performances in the 2-1 win over Paris Saint Germain and the 5-0 victory against RB Leipzig in the Champions League, we can probably expect to see him starting against Arsenal for the Premier League on Sunday.