Mexican side Chivas Guadalajara aren’t really going through a good period. The club are currently in 17th position of a league with only 19 clubs, and fans are seeking some immediate change.

One of the requests has been for the club to be sold. Supporters aren’t happy with the management from owner Jorge Vergara, who has his son Amaury Vergara as the current president.

This is the reason Soy Futbol brings an article this week about potential buyers for Chivas, and surprisingly, one of them is Joel Glazer, one of Manchester United’s owners.

They say the American businessman had already been interested in buying the Mexican club in 2010, when Manchester United signed Javier Hernandez. Chivas weren’t for sale at that time.

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However, they’re not for sale now either. Amaury Vergara has already made it clear on Twitter, but now fans and media keep pushing for it.

So Soy Futbol makes a poll with four potential names to buy Chivas. These are Joel Glazer, Carlos Slim, Freddy Helfon and Canelo Alvarez… Slim is the man the fans want.

Given Manchester United fans aren’t exactly thrilled with the Glazers, they probably wouldn’t be thrilled with them buying another club.

Soy Futbol believe Chivas are valued at €40m.