Yesterday, Tuttosport wrote an article about how Joe Hart was helping Torino grow both on and off the pitch, and today, they’ve interviewed current Albania and former Torino manager Giovanni Di Biasi about the goalkeeper.

Of course, the interview didn’t solely focus on the Manchester City loanee, but when the topic was mentioned, the 60-year-old only had nice things to say about the England international, admiring the amount of effort he put in to integrate his new team as well as the new culture surrounding him. Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 17.35.58

He said: “It was unthinkable, until some time ago, that Torino could have Hart in goal. Bravo to Petrachi who closed complex negotiations to make it happen. Hart has shown great professionalism, he has come to Toro and wanted to know the history.

“I assure you, understanding where you’ve come to helps you integrate quickly, it’s not just a detail. That’s why he chose to go to Superga, and has listened carefully to those who explained the peculiarities of the club. He has as a lot of experience, an international technical background and came with the right spirit into a new team. He could not have done better.”

Superga is known for the Torino air disaster, where a plan carrying the club’s whole, and very successful, squad crashed in 1949. There’s a memorial at the site of the accident, and Hart has already spoken about his knowledge of the event and impact on Torino’s history.

Torino were so successful in the 1940s that they won Serie A five times in a row, in a period from 1942 to 1949. It may have been seven in a row if not for football being cancelled from 1943 to 1945 due to the Second World War. Torino provided the Italian national team with their most important group of players, and became known as Grande Torino.

Apart from an early mistake against Atalanta during his first game for Torino, the goalkeeper has kept two clean sheets and ensured his club have gone a four game streak with no loss, drawing two against Empoli and Pescara followed by two impressive wins against AS Roma and Fiorentina.

Receiving much criticism due to his unceremonious exit from City, Hart appears to have bounced back in a team who has full confidence in his abilities and fans who respect him for what he has already achieved over his 13-year professional career.