Rarely shy when it comes to speaking his mind, Eden Hazard has never hidden his desire to play for Real Madrid at some point in his career.

He’s hinted to it many times, and while he’d also like to win the Ballon d’Or, he isn’t obsessed by it like other footballers (we’re looking at you, Antoine Griezmann), telling France Football in a rather lengthy interview he’s already got three at home, referring to his children.

We’ve already covered his quotes about ‘frustrating’ Sarri, Conte and Mourinho, since they were released early online, but the Chelsea forward discussed other things, such as training under his current manager.

He said: “We have the same ideas. He’s close to the game. The others before maybe weren’t as much, more about defending and winning. Training isn’t easy, we repeat the same things a lot, but once you’re on the pitch, for 90 minutes, he wants us to have the ball.”

Describing himself as ‘free’ on the pitch, Hazard also explained none of his managers have ever given him specific attacking instructions other than: “You do what you want as long as you make us win.”

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Defensively, on the other hand, each had their own instructions for the good of the team.

As for his future at Chelsea, well, that remains a mystery, even if the 28-year-old admitted to wanting an exit after the World Cup last summer.

He explained: “I had leaving in mind. In the end, I stayed and I’m having one of my best seasons, so I don’t think I need something different, but that doesn’t mean I will be better.”

Asked specifically about Real Madrid, his first answer was ‘Why not?’.

Pushed further, however: “But you already know. You’re asking the question, but you already know the answer, so don’t ask the question.”

A huge fan of Zidane, admitting in the past he wouldn’t mind being managed by him, the winger won’t, however, wait for the former Madrid manager to find a new job and then leave Chelsea to join him.

He said: “If tomorrow he goes to Manchester, I won’t go to Manchester. I think he appreciates me. Everyone knows the love I have for him as a player, but I’m not waiting to follow, not at all.”

Finally, there were no questions about a Chelsea renewal, even if Hazard did admit he feels like he’s done just about everything he can in England.

He said: “I’ve won everything here. The two cups, the league, but not the Community Shield, but that doesn’t mean I’ll leave.”