Moving to Manchester United in the summer to do what he does best, which is prove everyone wrong, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been indispensable to José Mourinho’s side this season.

Scoring 26 goals in 41 appearances in all competition, the 35-year-old has saved his new side from embarrassment a few times over the course of the campaign, even if his track record in front of goal hasn’t always been perfect.

Nevertheless, the Swede has been a match winner, which is exactly what Paris Saint-Germain have been lacking, as explained by Pierre Ménès in an interview with Konbini.

The popular journalist believes that had the Manchester United striker stayed in the French capital, the current Ligue 1 champions would be walking their way to the title, which only goes to show the importance Zlatan has wherever he goes.

He explained: “What really annoyed me in France is how people sh*t on Ibra’s face last year. They sh*t on a guy who scored 38 goals in the league, so the argument “strong with the weak, weak with the strong” doesn’t make sense.

“Today, Manchester United wouldn’t be in top half of the Premier League if they didn’t have Ibrahimovic.”

It’s worth pointing that José Mourinho’s side have only lost once this season when Ibrahimovic hasn’t played, which was the 1-0 loss to Chelsea in the FA Cup.

Other than that, Marcus Rashford and co. have managed five wins and a draw without the Swede.

Still, it’s hard to play down how vital he has been at times, most recently in the League Cup final against Southampton.

At the end of the day, there’s little point trying to guess what would have happened without him this season.

Manchester United do have Zlatan, at least until June, and few fans will be unhappy with what he has shown overall during the current campaign.