Celta Vigo’s Cadet A team of U17s is impressing scouts both within Spain and outside of the country.

That means there’s a risk they could lose players before they’re tied down to senior contracts, and therefore leave without a conventional transfer fee.

Several clubs are ‘fishing’ for signings, and one of those is Championship side Middlesbrough, reports Faro de Vigo.

Tony Pulis’ club are in good company, joined by Barcelona and Tottenham according to the report.

Each club has their own target, and the three picked out are Erik Bugarín, Yago de Santiago and Damián Canedo.

Bugarín, a 16 year old forward, is the one Middlesbrough have chosen.

It’s thought all three could leave for the clubs who are keen, with Barca liking Canedo, and Tottenham keen on Santiago.

Middlesbrough have their target ‘in their orbit’.

There is some relief for Celta Vigo. Robert Carril, described as the star of the team, has already rejected ‘great offers’ to leave the club.