If you’re a regular reader of Sport Witness, you’ll know how we like having a laugh with (well, at) Don Balon claims.

Manchester City are a favourite club of theirs to cover, and on Wednesday there’s some claims that have genuinely made us Laugh Out Loud.

Let us set the scene.

Lionel Messi is upset. Barcelona have failed again in Europe and it’s come as a big blow. The Argentine knows he’s running out of career and wants more European triumph.

He wants a fifth Champions League title and with Barcelona going out in the quarterfinals again, Don Balon reckon that could be found elsewhere.

So they’ve picked Manchester City. Quiet at the back, we know they also like a quarterfinal exit, just roll with, it gets funnier. 

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Manchester City are ‘more attentive than ever’, and this is where Don Balon throw in some of most eyebrow raising words we’ve ever seen on a transfer: ‘A year ago it seemed unthinkable that someone would pay €200m for a player. Why not now pay €700m for the best? The clause of Leo does not guarantee anything for Barcelona.’


Yep, why not? It’s only €700m, why on earth not. Would be rude not to really.