One of the more light-hearted moments of recent Manchester United press conferences, José Mourinho’s answer to a question about the alleged Zinedine Zidane phone call got a few people talking.

Directly affected due to his nationality, the French media seem adamant the Red Devils dream of having the former Real Madrid manager replace the Portuguese at Old Trafford, even if the latest claims suggest the man himself isn’t all that bothered about it.

One person who isn’t convinced either is Christophe Dugarry, who took to his show on RMC Sport to voice his opinion on all things Zidane, including the so-called exchange his ex-France teammate had with the Manchester United manager.

He said: “If he called Mourinho, I won’t eat one rat, I’ll eat two. I don’t believe it for one second, because the relationship between Zidane and Mourinho has never been good. Never.

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“So I don’t see why Zizou would call Mourinho to tell him he won’t take his job. Zizou is on holiday, Mourinho is sorting his situation out by himself.”

After that, the conversation turned to something else, but Dugarry wasn’t done with the topic, and he appeared very adamant about one, rather important, detail in particular.

He said: “Zizou won’t go to Manchester. I’m telling you, he won’t go to Manchester.”

Whether he meant in the near future or ever wasn’t clear, but with Zidane being the best free manager out there, or at least the one with the most impressive recent record, the media links are natural, and rather easy to make.

Dugarry also didn’t clarify if he knew this from speaking to the man directly, or if it was just his gut talking.