Former Manchester United striker Diego Forlan has praised Edinson Cavani for his ‘beautiful gesture’ of giving Cristiano Ronaldo the number seven shirt.

Ronaldo, as you may be aware, returned to Manchester United at the end of the transfer window in one of the biggest transfer stories of the summer.

At first, it was not known whether he would be able to take up his old number seven, with the shirt having been occupied by Cavani since last season.

It was clear that Ronaldo would want the number from the get-go, with it having become synonymous with his brand over his career, with only three seasons seeing him wear anything but at Sporting, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

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However, whether he would be allowed to was another matter as Premier League rules state a player has to stay with the number he was assigned at the beginning of the campaign.

Ultimately an agreement was reached for that to change, with Cavani taking up Dan James’ vacant number 21 after he moved to Leeds United.

Forlan has now praised him for that gesture while also sharing his thoughts on Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford.

“It was a beautiful gesture,” he told Chiamarsi Bomber.

“I’m happy he’s (Ronaldo) back in Manchester; he’s one of the strongest in history; it’s good that he’s back home.”