Arriving at Swansea with a lot of promise after some good seasons in Ligue 1, Franck Tabanou’s spell at the Liberty Stadium quickly turned into a nightmare.

Only ever playing three games for the Premier League club, the French defender decided enough was enough this summer and, after a conversation with the club’s board, came to an agreement that saw his contract terminated a year early so he could go somewhere on a free.

Despite spending some time on loan in Spain, the left-back decided a return to France was the best option, and a new contract with Ligue 1 side Guingamp was signed.

Now ready to play, the player gave an interview to 20 Minutes, where he briefly recalled his time in Wales and the reasons behind his decision to leave Liberty Stadium.

He said: “Huw Jenkins wanted to loan me to the Championship, but I wanted to stay. Basically, be given a chance, unlike the previous year. In the end, he didn’t give it to me. I knew this summer would be the same, and since I only had one year left, I thought it best to end this way”.

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As for whether he regrets his move to Swansea in the first place, Tabanou felt the answer was obvious, but things could have been very different, putting some of the blame on himself.

He continued: “If I’d played, I wouldn’t saying yes. Now, it’s a bit of everyone’s fault: I deserved to be given a chance over there, but I also could have been more patient.

“Regardless, I learnt a lot about myself. Adventures abroad are always beneficial, so in the end I’m disappointed I wasn’t given more of a chance, even if I’m glad I went through it”.

Not interested in trying to prove Swansea they were wrong to overlook him, Tabanou just wants to return on the pitch and take some pleasure in playing football.

As for another adventure abroad in the future: “Why not? I like moving around”.