Sometimes the less said about the CIES Football Observatory the better.

Building a self imposed duty to come out with regular values and lists, CIES has eaten itself over the past year or so, then regurgitated, and then eaten itself again.

With their weekly post now met generally with raised or scrunched eyebrows, and twisted to get internet hits, it’s all a bit odd.

But don’t let that dampen the current Danish good mood, and their excitementChristian Eriksen is valued at around £90m by a recent CIES study. That puts the Tottenham star higher than a whole bunch of world stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo.

Of course, Spurs have no wish to sell Eriksen, and Mauricio Pochettino would likely be backed by Daniel Levy in that regard, but it’s still caused a Danish stir.

Eriksen has been asked about it all, and quoted by Ekstra Bladet as saying: “It’s crazy, because it’s insane money.

“It’s not really something I spend time on. It’s about how people see it from the outside.”

The Danish media are right now building up excitement ahead of their World Cup playoff against Republic of Ireland, and Tottenham’s Eriksen is very much the star of the show.

In great form for Pochettino’s side, Eriksen will be expected to be his country’s shining light.

And then that value can rise even higher.