Another day, another claim mixed up between the Portuguese and English media on Andre Carrillo moving to Everton this summer.

On Saturday, we explained how the Carrillo to Everton rumour has been passed continually between the Portuguese and English media in recent months, despite there not seeming anything concrete in it yet.

Marco Silva had the Peruvian international at Sporting and then took him to Watford on loan last season, so it’s not too hard to work out he’s a fan of the player.

And that is what the whole thing is being based upon. It’s not the worst transfer calculation in the world, and interest may be there, but for now it looks like Benfica trying to sell the player rather than anyone making a big effort to sign him.

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Sunday’s edition of Correio de Manha backs that up, and reports Benfica president Luís Filipe Vieira believes he can get €20m for Carrillo, who ‘is the target of several English and Russian clubs’.

Everton are the only club named, and the Portuguese newspaper go on to say the Premier League side ‘will be willing to move forward with a proposal around €18m, according to the English press.’

That Correio de Manha headline their article ‘jackpot’ shows what the Portuguese opinion would be on getting close to €20m for Carrillo.